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The OpenGimbal Project is an ongoing effort to design an easy to build, wi-fi, automated telescope control system with online networking features, for use with tablets and laptops, or remotely via an internet connection.


Advantages include:  No bending over, no squinting, no bumping it, since you dont touch it. It’s built to be affordable, easy to use, stylish, portable, science capable, and also… imagination inspiring . 

It works with our custom suite of mobile apps or through a standard web-browser. Developers can access the device via VNC or SSH. Equipped with automated observation tools including: astronomical object search and detection, automated gridded mapping, object tracking and, someday, voice command!

Thank you for reviewing our project

This original concept drawing (done with adobe sketchup) is still mostly accurate. Our current models use a tethered servo pulley for Y-axis control.










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