JavaScript/ HTML5 Client V5


PIC+/-   advances through pics from the pic folder (ex.

CAM1  is the low resolution webcam.

CAM2 is the higher resolution PiNoir/PiCam Camera, set at 544×288

UP is a modal directional button. It runs a script based on the state of the MODE buttons    (OPEN, NUDGE, STEP, and SITE) starting with nudge.

CAM3 is the PiCam, set to crop a full resoution shot around the Blob Centroid (aka the center of the largest “blob” of color). This cam mode drops a full size image (2400×1900) to the location     …overwriting everytime it refreshes.

CAM4 is the same mode as CAM3 but with a shutter speed of 6 seconds, thus requiring 10 seconds or more to make an image.

IN/OUT runs the focus DC motor.

LEFT/ RIGHT  are more modal directionals.

STOPX  stops the X axis servo, stops all automated processes and refreshes the camera.
***This button is especially important when running in OPEN gear.

STOPY stops the Y axis servo.
*** This button is especially important when running in OPEN gear.

STEPSIZE +/-  adjusts the STEP size of STEP mode, by 25ms increments beginning with 200ms.

MAPSIZE +/-  adjusts the size of the area that is mapped, in increments of one column/row of pics.  If you change the size of the map you must hit NEW MAP for it to take effect.

NEW MAP creates a map with adjusted size and/or camera parameters (re-instantiates the map class). However, if you’re looking to make a second map after completeing the first one, refresh your browser to clear the grid of thumbnails, then re-input your custom map parameters.

ON/OFF toggles the automated mapping function on and off but is a little laggy when turning off. When your readout says “echo 3 3” it has caught your stop command. STOPX will also stop the map.

OPEN is a MODE where the motors run in a “wide open” fashion based on your directional input. TAKE NOTE: STOPX and STOPY are designed to stop the two servos individually.

CHASE toggles the automated blob chasing function, on and off. This function nudges the camera toward the Blob Centroid, effectively dragging the object into the sighting square. STOPX will stop it as well.

POSITION displays the inclinometer and compass reading. You may have to hit it twice to get a current reading.

NUDGE is a MODE that makes small movements based on your directional input. Nudge-step size can be adjusted by the text field input. Type the nudge size you want plus 2000 and hit enter. It starts at 100ms.

STEP is a MODE that makes steps based on your directional input and the STEPSIZE which starts at 200ms.

SITE  is a MODE that is used to adjust the position of the sighting square, visible in CAM1 camera mode. The CHASE button uses the servos to “drag” the Blob Centroid into the Sighting Square.

MANUAL  opens the owners manual page in the browser.

PIC FOLDER opens the folder that is full of the images that the mapping function has taken.

SEND button sends the contents of the text field to the server. Same as hitting ENTER key.

Text Input Field provides direct serial input to the server.

0-9       motor control commands
10 – 90       inclination command  ( in degrees)
103 – 457     compass command (in degrees and then add 100)
1000 – 1999      sets the step size (add 1000)
2000 – 2999      sets the nudge size  (add 2000)
letters      are reserved for server commands

The Grid fills with thumbs of the cropped out
centroids of the photos capture during
automated mapping.

The Updating Text Field fills with debug data so that you know where you stand as far as the server is concerned.